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Classes delivered to your office or corporate event. 

Jen is available for full Yoga Classes (30-60 min), Chair Yoga, or even Yoga Brain Breaks (no mat needed)!

“After regularly attending Jen's class I notice a significant drop in weekly stress, increased flexibility and relief from lower back/neck pain. I highly recommend it to everyone seeking to combat their “computer” driven lifestyle.”  -Qualcomm Employee

 "For two years, I have been attending Jennifer’s flow yoga class during the week at Qualcomm in San Diego, where I work. No matter how busy I am, I set aside the time, and I’m always glad I do. Her class is only 45 minutes, but Jennifer manages to stretch every one of our muscles during that time and help us relax completely in the final resting pose. It’s become a wonderful oasis in the middle of a hectic work schedule. Her style of teaching is exactly what I need – straightforward and encouraging, strong and kind."- Linda, Technical Writer

“I’m constantly learning new things and having a great time and I think it’s safe to say most everyone in the classes feels this way too.”-Harsch Employee

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace:

  • Helps with creativity. 

  • Increases productivity.

  • Enhanced focus and concentration.

  • Less Absenteeism.

  • Energizes the mind and body.

"Less back pain, lower stress, greater self-assurance, serenity and concentration."

Journal of Occupational Medicine, 2012

“Yoga in the workplace results in lower burnout rates."

Workplace Health and Safety, 2015

Some Locations Where Jen Has Led Yoga Classes…

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